Gift certificate

Have you been invited to an event and you have to choose a gift?!

It is not accepted to come to a party empty-handed, and there is simply no free time to search for a suitable gift, in the conditions of city bustle, as a rule, there is simply no free time. And you don’t always know exactly what to give, and you don’t want to give an unnecessary thing, especially an expensive one.

You have to go shopping, spend a lot of precious free time, going over in your head all the possible options for a suitable gift, try to create, in the end, you buy a gift, and then you doubt whether you will like it…

All this is long in the past! Because now everyone knows that the best gift for a person is to give him a holiday and positive emotions!
Boat trip along the Neva River is a wonderful gift option for any person, regardless of age, marital status and social status.
The gift certificate has no expiration date, can be used at any convenient time, and can be issued for any amount.
In order to use it, the new owner must contact us and choose a suitable date and time for a boat trip.


What does a gift certificate look like?

This is a beautiful and pleasant to the touch postcard, decorated in the style of our company, which is placed in a special paper envelope, which, in turn, is tied with a large red ribbon.

The certificate indicates both the amount for which it was issued, or the route and hours of riding.


сертификат сертификат


If you have any questions about purchasing a certificate, please contact the manager by phone, or any other way.

Delivery of the certificate within the CAD is free of charge.